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Client Reviews

  • I came all the way from the Lagos Island to be evaluated by Dr. Chinwe who provided me with a world class experience. I was treated Specilist Care. My vision improved significantly since the surgery. Dr. Chinwe is definitely a Keratoconus expert.

  • I am glad to be with Dr Chinwe. I am glad to be examined by Dr Chinwe who acts responsibly and professionally. I never had this experience before from a previous ophthalmologist. I am thankful to Dr Chinwefor the successful diagnosis and treatment of my case.

  • Dr. Chinwe is a woman who was born for this profession. As soon as we walked into the room you felt that you had met a woman who is gentle and kind. her demeanour was of a man who knew his trade. She speaks in a way that you will understand. She explains exactly what is wrong and the way he will help fix it for you.

  • Over 8 years ago I had cataract correction at our local teaching hospital. Immediately afterwards I was photophobic and had no tears and constant infections and pain. The Doctors at the hospital didn't know what to do with me even though one was a top professor. I begged for help I begged for tests and was told there were no tests and they didn't know what to do with me. I was becoming more disabled by the day. My husband and I were in a very dark place. We didn't know what to do.


D. Michael Eye Clinic was established in 2008 under the directorate of Dr. Chinwe Amadi Michael to provide quality eye diagnosis and treatment for residence of Okota and environ at large and in turn improve standard of living through access to quality eye care, qualified Optometrist and recommendation of effective eye drugs. Over the years we have provided our patients quality eye care services and unwavering consultancy making us the best eye clinic in Okota and environ and Lagos as a whole.


Our mission is to provide personalized care to each of our patients with the latest technology in eye care, be it contact lenses, designer frames, spectacle lenses and educating our patients about the latest treatments and eye diseases prevention. We strive to uphold the highest integrity and professional ethical standards in a caring environment.


Our vision is to become the touchstone of optometry care centres in Lagos and Nigeria at large upholding the international standard of eye diagnosis and treatment with commitment to providing affordable eye care services and customer satisfaction.


COMREHENSIVE EYE EXAMINATION :> patients are thoroughly screened for all refractive and pathological cases and finding are treated appropriately. Here are Some of the advanced equipment we use for treatment VISUAL ACUITY CHART, AUTO-REFRACTOR,BIOMICROSCOPY,PHOROPTER,TONOMETRY,COLOUR VISION CHART,OPTICAL COHERENCE TOPOGRAPHY,LASER THERAPY e.t.c

COMMUNITY EYE HEALTH : Low budget program eye care profession in the community of target, during which member of the community receives free eye examination, glasses and drugs.

DRIVERS VISION SCREENING: We ensure your eyes are road worthy as visual test is a necessary before you can drive.

OCCUPATION VISUAL SCREENING: Sensitization on occupational visual hazard, recommendation and prescription of protective and Correctional devices and measures.

CONTACT LENSES : We have a wide range of contact lenses from daily to extended wear. Both for comestic and prescription purposes.

CHILDREN EYE HEALTH: We specialise in Pediatric eye care and visual training for children as well as pre school screening to catch them young and prevent eye damage as they mature.

OPTICAL SERVICES: With a fully equipped optical laboratory, we handle a wide variety of lenses , ranging from single vision to varilux bifocal. Antireflective coatings with anti-scratch are also available for computer users and night driving. Designer and affordable UV-protection sunglasses are also available.

– We diagnose and treat minor eye diseases and prescribe lenses for visual problems.
– We provide visual training for patients with muscle imbalance.
– We also provide specialist services for low vision patients

Ocular coherence tomography (OCT)
A-Scan test
Laser therapy
Visual acuity test
Ocular motility test
Colour vision test
Visual training

Why D.Michaels Eye Clinic

Simply because you can trust us with your eyes. Dr Chinwe is a leading Practitional and world renowned specialist . she is thorough, knowledgable, and equipped with the latest advances in vision correction and corneal care. He has treated thousands of patients with excellent results. she is very much liked by his patients and colleagues who describe him as caring, professional, and kind....

Our Centres

Adult and Children Service in Ago Lagos ,Adult and Children Service in Lagos Nigeria, and Adult and Children Service in Sari Iganmu...

D.Michaels Children’s Eye Clinic

We have established the first private cornea and ocular surface disease clinic at Ago Palace way for Children and Teenager in Lagos which is part of Nigeria Children’s Eye Clinic....

Dry Eye Clinic

D.Michaels Eye Clinicis one of the very few clinics in the world where we give special attention to dry eye disease. Our expertise and research in the field make us pioneers in the field....


Our main goal is to deliver high quality service that has positive impact on people’s lives. Many of the treatment performed at D.Michaels Eye Clinicare life changing.